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The Next Always - MacLeod Andrews, Nora Roberts Really 3.5 stars but it's Nora Roberts so I rounded it up!
This was small town story which is one of my favorite settings . I liked the the H/H and the secondary characters , children and dogs!!!!
They are renovating this old B&B that has a resident ghost. I'm not sure about the ghost yet ,I have to read the next book to decide but what I liked about the B&B was that they had named the rooms after romantic couples in books . My favorites were Elizabeth and Darcy and Eve and Roarke ! Imagine that !
What I didn't like was the description of every detail in every room of the inn .I thought it was boring .
Dead Beat - Jim Butcher Epic
Pick Your Pleasure - Jayne Rylon I read one option , I have to go back and read the other options !
Pick Your Pleasure - Jayne Rylon I read one option , I have to go back and read the other options !
The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter 3.5 star
This was much better than the previous book, I started reading this without any expectations and enjoyed it a lot.
I like the plot and characters, my only problem was when the heroine ended up being queen of Fae which wasn't something she wanted. It didn't seem like a happy ending for her.she wanted freedom ,not being trapped in a kingdom with people that sucked!
What Price Paradise - Katherine Allred I loved it! It wasn't what I expected to be ,I'm not saying it was better or worse , just different to what I thought it would be after reading the reviews.
Cetaganda - Lois McMaster Bujold Another great book in the series. I love Miles and his adventures. He's a magnet for trouble and it's a miracle that he comes out of them in a better position ! This one wasn't as exciting(I wasn't on the edge of my seat chewing my nails when listening ,just chewing my nails:P ) as the other ones but still great.
What Price Love? - Stephanie Laurens One of my least favorite in the series , the best words to describe it are boring and repetitive . There was a mystery and they had a plan to find the villain so they were repeating their plans and findings over and over. The romance part wasn't bad but it was lost in the whole mystery thing and it didn't have anything new compare to the other books in the series. Or I simply wasn't in the mood for this book!
If it wasn't for a challenge and the buddy read , I would have DNFed it!
MacRieve - Kresley Cole I'm really disappointed , not that it wasn't a good book , it just wasn't epic .After Lothaire and Shadow's claim , I was expecting a lot more . It didn't worth the 14$ I paid for the ebook!
The Sheik and the Pregnant Bride (Silhouette Special Edition, #1885) - Susan Mallery 3.5
I want to shelf this as fantasy instead of contemporary! This was my first ever sheik book and it had nothing to do with my realistic view of a real sheik and an Arab country! Still it was a fun and easy read. I liked both the hero and heroines. There was a twist in it that I wasn't expecting at all!
I think I'm going to read more from thus series.
Lethal Rider - Larissa Ione Much better that the last 2 books!
Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning There was too much sex in it! Really it got boring after a while!
Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews I would have died of waiting if the next one wasn't already published ! The best one so far!
The Vor Game - Lois McMaster Bujold Another great book in the series !!!
Her Favorite Temptation - Sarah Mayberry This was my third Sarah Mayberry book and loved it.
Lovable characters , a good plot and enough drama and sexy moments to make it a good romance book.

P.S.At one point I was thinking that the character were talking like normal people and then I remembered that this was an Australian author , of course I'd think the dialogues are normal!
The Mountains Of Mourning - Lois McMaster Bujold This novella was even better than the novels.