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Still - Ann Mayburn 3.5 stars

This is not my first book about a dominatrix ,one of my favorite books is about that, so I had a few expectations.
It didn't meet my expectations for the bdsm scenes but the relationship between the two characters and their emotional journey was fantastic. This was the part I really enjoyed .
This was an erotica , you expect it to be full of smut but this wasn't(I'm not saying it wasn't hot) , it was exactly a long slow tease , They finally did the deed at about 95% of the book , and it wasn't as good as I expect it to be because it wasn't in a BDSM scene . She is going on and on about how it's in her nature to be a domme but in action she is not , the only thing she does is telling him to be still!
And she is always smiling and joking during their scenes.I wanted some intense scenes.
and another thing , they had this long talk when they were close to coming and I mean really long full sentences , really , who does that? They shouldn't have been able to talk coherently by that time!!! Humph !

Their story continues to the next book!