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Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) - Kresley Cole I really really liked this book. well I really loved the series but I can't get myself to give them 5 stars (even If I have , I meant 4.5 not a full 5 ) .
this one is my second favourite among the series. It's kind of like Tarzan and Jane :D
The things I liked about the book are a lot so I just skip them and go to the parts I didn't like.
at first when I started reading about the hero( reminded me of Zhadist, well too much like Zhadist) , I thought wow this one is a really tortured one and he will need 5 books to recover from the trauma. The duration of the book was only 3 weeks and it wasn't enough for getting past all those troubled past .
The other thing was that the heroine we saw in this book was not the same Carrow we saw in the previous books. she grew up too quickly.

It was fun read and I enjoyed it a lot.