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Wicked Ties - Shayla Black My expectation for this book was too high , that's why I was disappointed. I was expecting a good and strong plot and characters plus the hotness , what I got was only the hotness .
The things I didn't like:
I didn't like the heroine at all.
The hero is a hypocrite , during the whole book he is saying that the heroine should trust him but he knows that there is a big lie in between them and she should not trust him. Oh and he was pushy !
It's the book of coincident .The encounter at the end of the book where everyone is in the hotel room and the scene where he is asking her about her fantasy.
There is a menage in there ,sex scene wise is really good and hot but story wise is just too much.
I didn't like any of the characters except the brother , I might read his book.