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Visions of Heat - Nalini Singh 3.5 stars

I liked the first book better.

The killer plot was wrapped up too easily but it wasn't something I could have guessed .I think my guesses were more exciting than what was in the book. The name of the new council member was mentioned at least a couple of times in each chapter but nothing came of it . Of course it might be there to prepare the plot for the next book.
And I wasn't convinced of the reason for the physical presence during the dreams and the way Vaughn could get her out of it.
The logical person in me couldn't understand their logic and logic is not relative ,it's absolute .I'm being too hard on a romance book !


Anyway it was a good read and I enjoyed it a lot specially the way Faith actions surprised Vaughn.I liked Faith father from the beginning , I knew he was good I'll definitely continue reading the series.