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Lothaire - Kresley Cole I want more !!!
Lothaire was an arrogant asshat throughout the book and Ellie was a fun stubborn heroine , a very good match !
It was the first book in the IAD series that I felt the relationship development and the end was well planned and not rushed .

It was hot, funny and unpredictable , well as unpredictable as a paranormal romance can get.

“You gave her your heart, and she gave you the bird.” Nïx sighed. “Songs will be written about this.”

I have to add that I listened to the Audio book .The narration is fantastic .The accents and emotions all so real. I was laughing most of the book especially when listening to the sex scenes. I had to stop it a couple of times when I was on the train , people were looking at me funny !!
I know it's not a good point if you feel like laughing during the sex scenes but for me was definitely a plus. I enjoyed it so much . I am listening to it again (4/3/2012)