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Lover Reborn - J.R Ward OK
The only way I can write a review(it's not really a review but my thought on the book) is to separate the plots , so here we go

There are five plots/stories going on in this book
1: Tohr ,No'one, Lassiter (5 stars)
The path they followed to get to their freedom as I like to think about it was believable .The 3 of them got a new life at the end.The twist that Autumn and lassiter were also IN Between was great.
I would have love to see some more emotion from Tohr toward No'one(Autumn) but I could see that was falling for her.
Loved it when Tohr called her by her real name after the first time they were together and then gave her a name.
I missed the bonding scent and there wasn't a MINE moment , I really like to see some more of this couple in the future books.
We got to know Lassiter more . I really liked him. He will be a fun hero.
Wellsie's Fade ceremony was emotional and I loved it.I didn't quit understand what they did to her name on Tohr's shoulder.
At the end of it Tohr is thinking he has never been closer to anyone even his wellsie because Autumn has been with him throughout this painful journey of letting wellsie go .
And finally I didn't get the feeling that falling was forced , because there wasn't any mention of it. Lassiter was trying to make Tohr move with getting involved not by falling in love.
2.John Xhex 2 stars
It was absolutely unnecessary .At the end of Lover mine I didn't have any doubt about their HEA but it seemed that J R Ward had.
Instead Of JM and Xhex , I would have loved to see Payne and Manny with some sort of story line . They didn't have enough in their own book.

3.BOB against wrath (assail)3 stars
All the action in book happened in this plot , I was in love like/hate relationship with Throe and Xcor .(Still am)
We saw BOB more clearly. They are not that bad but I'm not a fan.
Assail was in and out of this plot.

4. Qhine Blay Layla(Xcor,Sax) 3 stars
Hello? they just decided to have a baby because they didn't have anything else,they considered it for approximately for 2 seconds and then ok let's have a baby togther!!!? WTF?
I was hoping that Xcore kidnaps her before she went he needing.
5. Assail 2 stars
He is taking Rehv's place in drug world .There wasn't a lot of info about him . He is the son of a brother and a chosen, he has a brother and sister. his mother didn't wish him to be in the brotherhood so he is in Glymera's council. He know's Xhex and brothers.
There wasn't anything likable about him.

My scattered thoughts:
where was that hilarious Rhage scene?

I didn't need any Kleenex

Tohr was really mean sometimes , really really mean.

The fact that one female's needing can triggers other female's needing was interesting . In LAw there wasn't any female vampire in the mansion except Beth who was just out of her transition so it make sense that she wasn't triggered . In LRe autumn was in the clinic away from anybody else .Only Manny was around and he got aroused.It happened during the night so Payne and Marrisa weren't there and Beth was out on R & R with Wrath. only Ehlena was in the mansion and she left because she didn't want to go through her needing. Layla came straight to the clinic so she went through her needing because she was already close. there wasn't a text to the females because Jane sent that out and probably before she talked to Ehlena about the the triggering.

An oopssii moment :Vampires don't have finger prints , why xcore is using a finger print lock?

another one : the book started a couple of days after Xhex and JM mating ceremony but the brothers know about BOB, considering the timing in lover mine and lover unleashed , they found out about the BOB about 10 days after that ceremony .