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Once and Again - Lauren Dane Was that it? Is it really finished? I was waiting for something to happen but nothing did,everything was solved and then he asked her to marry him and the end!!!!
one of the negative things about the book was the huge cast of characters from another series. There were so many names in there that I had to reread some paragraphs and then go find that series on GR to understand who was who.
"The "we were on a break "thing was funny only because it reminded me of Friends. But he did cheat, doesn't matter if it was only a kiss or not, even thinking about another woman is cheating.
The mother and sisters were the worst characters ever, they were bad and then BAM they were trying to be good,hated them. And the father who cheated on the mother their whole marriage and then left her when she was 65?? How did she get pregnant when she was fifty with Chris?

it was really meh 2.5 stars