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Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian 5 solid stars
Another great installment in this series.
I can't believe how lucky I was to get an e-ARC from Netgalley .

After I finished the last book I was sure that I'd read the last book in the series and even in my review for #10 I said that I want to know more about the world after the breed revealed themselves to the world. That's exactly what happens in this book. Edge of Dawn happens 20 years after darker after midnight .It's the story of Mira and Kellan.
I was suspecting there would be some love triangle but thankfully there was none of that!
The flow of story and the characters were well developed .
The next generation of warriors and children of original order were introduced and as it seems there will more books in this series with them in it.
When I was reading it I really wanted to know more about the breedmates and their father and if there were more breedmates being born by the end of the book I almost got some of my answers .That will be the overall plot for the future books.
I couldn't put it down and if didn't have to go to work , I probably would have finished it in a day.I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next.