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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward I'm going to divide my thoughts to 4 parts.Because that's the way the book is.If I knew these 4 parts were never going to cross path I would have left the Assail and Trez storyline and would have read the others and then come back to these 2.
I loved the whole thing , I just wish they had more page time.The sex scenes were really mild compare to M/M romances but it was fine.It wasn't as detailed as the F/M scenes by J R Ward. the last chapter and the epilogue were just perfect. I think reading all the other stuff that were in between took something out of their story. I have to read just the Quay scenes again.

Layla/Qhuinn/ Xcore/Blay
I loved this one too, Layla and Xcore are breaking my heart and Ward can do wonders I love Layla she was fantastic ,the way she stood up for herself and Qhinn .and that scene in the car it was so goood! I hope their book is next . and then there is Qhinn's reaction to the baby and how he talked to it . loved it. everything about this was great .

Assail/Sola+drug dealer+fore lesser
Assail and Sola in their own were great story but really who wants to read about Assail while Quay's future is hanging there? I'm hoping for L/X next but now that Sola is kidnapped it seemed it'll be their story!

I want to know more about Trez and I knew he was going to end up with Selena and why is that? Because I clearly remember him thinking how Selena had come from the sanctuary and how he respected her. THIS WAS NOT THE FIRST THEY HAD MET!!!!!

and then there is the council and stuff and dethroning the king , I really hope that this ends in the next book I really had enough of Wraith and his throne .

I have a big huge problem with J R Ward books , she doesn't pay attention to what she had said before . I read all the Kresley Cole's Immortal after Dark almost back to back. Half of these books happen in the same time frame there is not one inconsistency in the whole series .It's same with a lot of other writers . I can't remember ever reading books with so many ERRORS and inconsistencies!
in this one there was Trez and Selena thing , that fact that JM knew they were thinking about inducting Qhinn ,...