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Plus One - Brighton Walsh A short , steamy and enjoyable read.
Olivia is a thirty-two-year old woman who has decided to give up dating and instead of looking for a date to the weddings she has to attend she accepts Ian offer to be her plus one. Ian and his sister Emma have been Livvy's best friends for twenty years and he's been in love with her for the whole time.
I would have loved more details about the characters their families and even the weddings,like whose weddings were they , a few sentences would have gone a great way to make it more believable and most important of all how old was Ian .It was said that he was younger than Olivia but by how much.Having details like that are what make the story for me.
There was these two short references in there that shouldn't have been there. It didn't add anything to the story and it was out of character for Ian.Him tending to be in charge in the bedroom ,didn't go well with his character.
What I loved was that he knew he loved her and it wasn't something he discovered after they got intimate.I loved the ending and how they got together. I liked the writing .It was short but it wasn't rushed I really enjoyed it.

I received an e-copy from Netgally in exchange for a review.