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Fool Moon - Jim Butcher ~~This is a review for the audiobook~~

I just love Harry Dresden "the pompous arrogant pretentious chauvinistic hopelessly old fashioned stupidly pig headed..." (as Murphy likes to say)

And for a powerful wizard he's a bit slow and figures out stuff late but not too late to be able to save the day.
I really enjoyed this one , I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was in a better mood . The mystery was pretty good I didn't figure out anything until Harry did. and I can't wait to get to the next one.

About the audiobook , I have to say it's horrible. The narrator is really good but just like the previous one it's like I'm sitting in his mouth listening , I could hear the tongue movements, saliva and every breath the narrator takes , I'm only hoping as the series progresses the quality of would improve .
I'm stuck with audiobooks for 2 reasons , my library only has them on audio and once I listen to a book on audio I can't switch to text for the next one in the series!
Overall a really fun read.