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Crystal Cove  - Lisa Kleypas 3.5
This was the 4th book in the series the series started with really subtle hints of magic elements in it (Magical realism ) but in each book it has been more more until in this book it is full on paranormal and witchery !
I love paranormal books so I didn't have any problem with that, what I didn't like was the story line . It just didn't make sense . Jason came to Justin to steal something from but we never saw that , what we saw from the beginning was that Jason was in love with Justin (love at first sight?), but when did that happen?and then there was her powers and her book and some other stuff that didn't make sense.
There were 2 scenes with bondage and BDSM in it that really made no sense , it didn't go with the rest of the book , it wasn't even hot or sexy . what's the point following new trends if it doesn't improve the storyline?!

Overall it was a really enjoyable read if I ignore these few thing and don't think about the details!!